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The Datsun B210 is classic and collectible car from the 1970s and early 1980s. Known internationally as the Nissan Sunny, it is the 3rd generation of the B-Series subcompact car that later evolved into the Nissan Sentra and Nissan Tsuru. The Nissan Sunny was exported from Japan as the Datsun 120Y and B-210 in North American (US, Canada, Mexico) and ran from 1973 to 1983.

Today it is a highly sought after yet fairly rare automobile to find; with only a few listings on eBay and only a handful of ads on Craigslist throughout North America. While there are a few scattered resources online, there is not really one resource for information on the highly popular B210 including data on specs, parts, and a centralized classifieds section. is designed to be that central resource for buyers and sellers of this classic car. Over time it is planned to develop into a place to seek information for those looking to restore a B210. Thank you for visiting the site and please go to our Contact page to submit any general questions or comments.


Classic Datsun B210: Overview & History

datsun b210Although not as large as the compact Bluebird and Datsun 510 models, the B-series Sunny cars got progressively larger throughout the years. The 3rd generation B210 remains classified as a subcompact car. It was available in 3 distinct body styles with multiple variations. See our Body Styles page for more information and pictures.


datsun b210 honeybee Datsun B210 “Honeybee”
The Datsun Honeybee is a highly collectible limited edition model of the B210 that was released in North America. A similar edition called the Datsun SSS was release in New Zealand and Australia. Despite only minor cosmetic changes, these are some of the rarest B210s on the market. Learn more about the Datsun Honeybee.


Datsun B210 History

The B210 arrived to the American market during the gas crisis of the 1970s and rose to popularity quickly due to its fuel economy and affordability. This was a continued traditional for the Sunny line as it was the most fuel efficient vehicle in North America at the time while also being one of the cheapest cars to buy new. It was brought to market as an entry level car and was inexpensive to manufacture because it was light weight, featured small OHV four cylinder engines and basic interiors.

A unique element about the United States B210s, is that they featured a larger bumper to meet US safety standards. This increase the car length by over 5 inches from other B210s produced for other markets.

The low cost, high fuel efficiency (50mpg) combined with the attractive body styles, made the Datsun B210 a hit with consumers. Surprisingly though, this generation of Datsun B-Series were criticized around the world for not having improved much over the previous model. Regardless the B210 chassis would be used to create the S10 chassis and the Nissan Silvia series which was a popular drifting and rally car that ended in the 90s with the Nissan Silvia S15.

Today the Datsun B210 is fairly rare and thus collected and/or restored by car enthusiasts. Parts are readily available both on eBay and used on Craigslist. Check out our parts page for the major Datsun B210 parts categories. Logo


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